Off Grid Cabin

Off-Grid Cabin

We worked closely with our clients to design a solution based on their wishes to have a cabin on their farm that required no groundwork to install. Based on the Octa-Pod format this cabin has no foundations and is not connected to any services other than cold water supply. It runs off solar power and has an LPG boiler for hot water. The unique Infra-red heat mats have been installed running entirely on solar power, which helps give warmth and dryness all year round. A wood burner boosts heat and provides a cosy snug cabin.
Wastewater is collected under the cabin in a large tank, this gets pumped away once full, omitting the need for a septic tank. There is a separate compost toilet beside the cabin.

“All the best things in life take time and planning.
Our Octopod – well, supremely high quality hand crafted octagonal shaped wooden cabin, is way above our expectations in visual appearance and user experience.

The detail in planning exactly what we wanted on our site was seen through to the exceptional care and attention to detail in the build of our pod / cabin.

The structure was angled to optimise the best view, ratio of kitchen to bathroom space was exactly to our requirements, and placement of the uber efficient wood burner was perfect.
The installation of the infrared heating system was a first for all to have it working from the solar panel/ battery store but once initially set to realistic targets of heat is phenomenal.

Visitors are wowed by how sympathetically the structure sits within the landscape.
The quality and the beauty of the finish of the timber and its structural design were way beyond our expectations.

The development of a totally off grid structure with Nick Sneller and his team has been such a pleasure and the enormous pleasure we and our guests get from ” La Retraite”
Is off the Richter Scale………. “

Catherine and Graham Vint